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I love stories, I always have and always will. Who wouldn't really... stories shape us into the people we are, they teach us compassion and empathy and tell us about who and what has come before us. They allow us to dream in our waking life and explore alternative worlds that we'd otherwise never know of. They excite us and devastate us, they provide humour and company when we're alone. Stories have a way of getting under our skin ... without them, I always wonder where we would be.

When I was a little girl I'd go on canoe trips with my family every summer. At night we would sit around the fire and tell stories of our craziest dreams, I was always the most eager to share first. I'd stand up and dramatically act out the scenes from my dreams as my parents sarcastically ooo'd and awe'd.  I always assumed I'd become some sort of story teller, whether that be through theatre, writing, directing or illustrating. As I grew, my interest narrowed to illustration. Painting my stories was a way of silencing my mind. It became a sort of therapy to me. In university, I took a graphic novel course and grew crazy in love with comics.  As I dabbled further into illustration work I found I was able to tell the stories I've always wanted to tell through my comics, murals and editorial illustration. 

Thank you for letting me share my stories here with you. 

I am a recently graduated illustrator currently living in Toronto with a Bachelor of Design from one of Canada's finest art schools - OCAD University. If you are looking for an illustrator for editorial work or otherwise, I'm your person! Don't hesitate to get in touch.


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